The Magic Wonders (Psychic Type Fan Club)

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The Magic Wonders (Psychic Type Fan Club)

Post  Aryan143 on Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:35 am

The Magic Wonders

Join if you like Psychic Types


1. Follow all of the PC and Pokemon Club Rules.
2. Don't Spam.
3. Choose one unevolved Psychic types and one Fully evolved Psychic type upon joining. You may nickname them.They must be non-legendary.
4. Try to be Active.
5. The main Thing, Enjoy!

Sign-Up Form:

Username: Aryan143
Partner Pokemon: Alakazam and Smoochum
Reason for joining: I made this club and I love Psychic Type pokemon a lot.
Answer to the current topic:

Psychic type Pokemons:

List of Members:


Points System:
[CENTER]Join this Club: 5 points
Answer the current topic: 10 points
Making a banner/userbar: 15 points Max
Event: 10 to 30 points
New Topic: 5 points


50 points: Choose another unevolved Psychic type.
100 points: Evolve one of your Psychic types.
200 points: Recieve something.
400 points: Evolve one of your Psychic types.
500 points: Recieve something
800 points: Shinymize one of your pokemon.
1000 points: Recieve a Psychic type Legendary.
2000 points: Recieve one fully evolved Psychic type or evolve one of your pokemon.
4000 points: Recieve a Shiny Psychic Type legendary.


Member: Given to you when you join the club.
Fan: Get 50 points.
Donator: Contribute a Banner/Userbar.
Super Fan: Get 500 points.
Moderator: When I deem you worthy.
Super Mod: Get 1000 points as a Moderator.
Administator: Get 3000 points as a Moderator and win at least one competition.
Owner: Only me and a very special member of the club can get this rank.

Current Topics:

What is your favourite Psychic type pokemon? (Used)



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