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Post  Altaria on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:26 am

Every section in the forum has to have rules right? Here are the set of simple 4th Generation Forum rules you'll need to follow when posting a topic or replying here.

1.No spamming,harassing or trolling

I have to say,I'm sick of seeing users spam with irrelevant,short messages to just boost their post count.Harassing,is unacceptable.You're making another member feel bad and upset,that just isn't right.If you continue to break this,bans or infractions could possibly happen depending on severity.

2.Try and use correct grammar,spelling and punctuation.
You want everyone to understand your opinion and make it look more interesting right? Correct spelling,grammar and punctuation is essential if you really want to get your point across.

3.Try make your messages more than 4 words

Just saying I liked the Pokewalker for example isn't enough really.It's more interesting and helpful for other members to know why you liked or disliked this.Also this rule is here to stop short messages to boost a post count.

4.Please ONLY use this forum for topics related to the 4th Gen.

We don't want discussions about B/W or how to make a hack based off another region,they all belong in their own separate section.Threads irrelevant to the 4th Gen will have to be locked D:.

5.When creating a thread,check to see if there's another one.

If you want to discuss the topic you're posting,make sure to have at least a brief look to see if it already has been brought up.If the last thread's post was more than 30 days ago feel free to start it up again.If you want to discuss it and there's already an active thread,post in that.

6.Simple questions like "Where do I catch a Nidoran in HG/SS?" do not need their own thread.Post it in the 4th Gen Help Thread,where people will then answer your questions.

7.No Mini-Modding
If you see a thread that doesn't need it's own thread or in the wrong section,please don't try and handle it yourself.Contact me (Altaria) via VM or PM if you have a problem.Mini-modding we don't need here.

Rules will be updated from time to time and new ones might be added.Keep tuned for new additions :3!Have any questions or problems? Contact me,Altaria via PM for assistance. Have fun posting n_n!

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