4th Generation: What did you like about the 4th Gen?

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4th Generation: What did you like about the 4th Gen?

Post  Altaria on Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:49 pm

So what did you find amazing or a great additional feature in the 4th Gen? Did you like how Pokemon could tag behind you whilst you travelled through the whole region,aiming to be the top and collecting gym badges? Or did you like the updated contests and fun Pokeathlon as mini-activities?

Was the storyline something you found good? The new Pokemon introduced,what did you like so much about the 4th Gen? Personally,I found the 4th Gen amazing for it's introduced Pokemon.Most of them had good designs and each of them weren't perfect but still decent Pokemon with various,creative designs Very Happy.

And Pokemon following you was a cool feature,it was nice to have your Pokemon buddies tag along along with the Pokeathlon proving it isn't all battles.


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Re: 4th Generation: What did you like about the 4th Gen?

Post  Hikari10 on Thu Nov 22, 2012 12:15 pm

What I loved about the 4th Generation:

  • The new Pokemon - I loved their designs
  • HG/SS's Follow me feature - Having your Pokemon walk with you was fun
  • Physical/Special split - It made once-useless Pokemon finally useful
  • Rematches in Pt/HG/SS - I liked rematching Gym Leaders when I needed to train


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