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This here is to help common questions about the game,so we don't have too many threads filled with simple questions like these.They are separated into their own individual parts and questions that concern the whole generation.

The 4th Generation in General


1.How do I find shiny Pokemon and what are they?

Shiny Pokemon are basically the same Pokemon except a different colour and you can hear a tinkle along with special effects as they appear or are sent out.Nothing else is different about them,they don't have better stats or anything like that.To encounter a shiny Pokemon is mainly and purely luck. There is a 1 in 8192 chance you'll encounter a shiny when you run into a wild Pokemon.However methods like the Pokeradar and the Masuda Method can be used to increase the chance of seeing one.

2.Why can't I beat the Elite Four? Am I doing something wrong?
Usually someone can't beat the Elite Four if there Pokemon are behind levels of their opponents and how you as a trainer send out what types against what. For example if you were fighting let's say...Karen's Murkrow and you send out a Gloom,obviously it would be difficult for you to win. And most of the time it requires training,so you're doing nothing wrong: You just need to improve on your skills as a trainer.

3.Do I have to catch them all?
Actually,even though Pokemon's slogan is "Gotta Catch 'Em All!" you aren't required to. However this makes the game more challenging and fun for you,it's just an optional task to see how far you can complete your Pokedex so you weren't ever required to do this.

4.What is 'Soft Resetting' and how can I use it?
Soft Resetting is basically resetting your game except you don't turn the power off and switch back to the game.To do so press the following combination of buttons at the same time: L+R+Start+Select.It is mainly used for people who are hunting for shiny legendaries and starters,but it can also be used for other purposes.

5.What's a Friend Code and how do I get one?

A Friend Code essentially is a simple twelve digit code to be exchanged so you can connect with those registered in your Pal Pad,no matter how far you are using Nintendo Wi-fi. To obtain a friend code you must go downstairs the Pokemon Center and speak to one of the ladies,where you'll then connect to Nintendo Wi-fi and acquire a code.

6.What are TMs?

TMs are moves you can get from a Gym Leader or discover somewhere or purchase from department stores and Game Corners.They can teach certain moves to your Pokemon without having them to level up or go to a Move Tutor.

7.What are HMs?

HMs are unforgettable moves you'll need to obtain to complete the story.After defeating certain gym leaders you get the ability to use certain HMs that help you outside of battle.The only method to forget HM Moves is see the Move Deleter in Canalave City for D/P/Pt and Blackthorn City for HG/SS.

8.What is the Pal Park?
The Pal Park is a place where you can transfer Pokemon from your older games (R/S/E and FR/LG) to your current version.It takes 24hrs to transfer 6 Pokemon,so keep that in mind.

Diamond,Pearl and Platinum (D/P/Pt)

1.How do I get the Pokeradar and what is its purpose?

The Pokeradar is a device which you can use to see certain Pokemon over and over again,after 40 of the same Pokemon in the row it can dramatically increase the shiny rate to 1 in 200. You can get it after finishing the Sinnoh Pokedex and seeing Professor Rowan.

2.Why is it on the Berry Checker are these faces moving around?
These are roaming legendaries like Mespirit and Cresselia. They flee from battle when you encounter them unless you use a blocking move or manage to capture it first. When a face is at a certain location it means a roaming legendary has appeared there.

3.Where do I get Eevee?

In Diamond and Pearl you get Eevee after you get the National Dex as a gift from Bebe or rarely in the Trophy Garden.Platinum you can get it when you talk to Bebe in Hearthome City along with the Trophy Garden in post-game.

4.What's the Underground?

The Underground is a place you can build secret bases,find unique items and fossils that can be turned into real life Pokemon. You can talk to the Underground Man in Eterna City for tasks with different rewards.You can also interact with friends using wireless connection down here.

5.How do I get Eevee's new evolutions?

For Leafeon,simply bring Eevee to near the mossy,cool rock and level up around that area and Eevee will become Leafeon.For Glaceon you must go to the frozen rock on Route 217 near Snowpoint and level near there.

6.Where is the Move Tutor?
The Move tutor is found in Pastoria City.He can teach your Pokemon forgotten moves in exchange for 1 Heart Scale each time.

7.What about the Name Rater?
The Name Rater is in a huge blue building in Eterna City sitting at a table.

8.Where do you find the HMs?

HM01 Cut-This is given by Cynthia in Eterna City.
HM02 Fly- Is found inside the small Galactic Warehouse in Veilstone City.
HM03 Surf-Given to you by the elders after defeating Cyrus in the shrine.
HM04 Strength-For Diamond and Pearl you can find it on the top floor of the Lost Tower.In Platinum it can be found in Iron Island.
HM05 Defog-Discovered in Pastoria's Great Marsh.
HM06 Rock Smash-You can acquire this by a hiker inside Oreburgh Gate.
HM07 Waterfall-You can get this from Jasmine on the beach in Sunnyshore City.
HM08 Rock Climb-Behind a house on Route 217,the person inside says he dropped a HM nearby.

If you think I've left out anything important,please contact me,Altaria via PM.Thanks!



1.How do I get to Kanto?

To access Kanto,you must first get 8 badges and defeat Lance and enter the Hall of Fame.You then can head to the entrance of Victory Road and on the side will be an entrance to Kanto which was previously blocked by a guard.

2.Can I trade with Diamond,Pearl and Platinum?

Yes of course! You can trade once you get the Pokedex and have access to the Union Room on the top floor of the Pokecenter.

3.What is the Pokegear?
The Pokegear is a device which allows you to contact other NPCs and trainers.Eventually you get more cards that allow you to tune into radio shows and a Town Map.

4.What is a Shiny Leaf?
A shiny leaf is a rare item,that appears on your Pokemon's summary screen.If 5 are acquired it can be made into a special crown.Locations for the shiny leaf depend on its nature...you may only find these leaves in the grass and then talking to your partner.

5.Where's the Pokeradar?
They didn't bring it back in HG/SS sadly.So essentially,you'll have to depend on luck to get you shinies and the certain Pokemon you want.

6.What is the Pokeathlon?
The Pokeathlon is basically a mini Pokemon Olympics.Located near the National Park,your Pokemon compete in minigames and earn points. Once you collect enough points you can buy different items on each day.

7.Is the Bug Contest back?
Yup,it's back from the G/S/C. You can play on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday,trying to catch the most powerful bug Pokemon,which you can choose to keep. Prizes are awarded to the winner.

List will be updated regularly,if you want to add a FAQ here that's not mentioned,please PM me Altaria :3.

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