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Dream Gazer

In another realm,on a lone island , two figures stood, being watched by one didn`t know what to make of this.One of the figures, a delcatty, spoke "Why are you ,Heron?!You aren`t permitted on these lands any longer, begone foul being!""My,my,Myre, you make me sound like an outlaw, an exile if you will . I have come to kill you, the dream gazer of this territory so I can kill 'That Person',dear Myre."The second figure spoke. He was covered with a black cloak which allowed him to merge with the shadows.... The figure moved silently behind the delcatty and suddenly struck.A high-pitched scream broke through the silence,which died in a moment and the sound of laughter from Heron that followed was all that could be heard.

Chapter 1 -
"Wake up , Ahswell!" Was the first thing I heard that faithful day and it'd be the best wake up call I ever got except my brother was using me as a hurdle. And to top that off , my one and only friend , Savi, was holding a bucket full of ice cold water to dump on me. I got up instantly , nearly knocking my brother off and said "Savi,don`t you dare throw that bucket of water on me!""Yeah,sure , whatever , Mr.Black and red,we're late!Your parents have summoned you to their chamber at once."She said sticking her tongue at me but I was to shocked to chase her, when I finally became conscious again, I exclaimed "WHAT?!Even the Lord??!"Referring to my father."Yes,you slowpoke."Savi replied with a sigh and rolling her eyes. Hearing this , I bolted out of bed into the bathroom, I looked into the mirror as Savi entered, carrying my brother. I looked slopy,my fur near my eyes fell in such a way that I looked like I had been sleeping while I was flying and to top that off my tails were knotted together .I groaned "Aren`t ya a clumsy little ninetails , Ashy boy?"And I gave a wretched nod.

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