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The Rumours from Azalea Empty The Rumours from Azalea

Post  Altaria on Sun Oct 28, 2012 9:07 am

Author's Note:

Hi there! This is Altaria here,I've never posted my work online to be honest,so if it's dodgy or strange to you,just drop why and I'll try to improve on it.Please note I'm turning 11 in November so it might not be up to everyone's standard of a good story.Criticism is always accepted for improvements n_n,but don't get too harsh or extreme with it.Now that's out of the way...

In the region of Johto,yet another trainer aspiring to become the unbeatable champion learns of strange rumours about a mysterious Pokemon which would rise and destroy all those in its path.He tosses aside his champion goal and sets out to find this creature on an unforgettable journey.

Chapter 1:The Rumour

"Hey! Sleepyhead,get up will you?" yelled a deafening voice.

Darren Segwood's ears throbbed painfully at the sound of his rowdy and irritating younger sister,Emily.He glanced up to see her dressed in an orange skirt and white top,he also noted she was holding a bucket of water.Not a small glass of water.A bucket,which to Darren looked the size of an elephant."I'm getting up,I'm getting up Emily!" he said hurriedly and with a hasty look at his alarm clock,rushed out into the corridor.

7:30AM.Why did his mother send Emily to awaken him so early,when the sky was still grey and showing no signs of sunlight? He pondered this,as he entered the bathroom and locked the door firmly. He gazed at the mirror for what felt like eternity.Just looking at his untidy and unusual appearance- a boy with messed up orange hair that his mother commented looked like a bird's nest and emerald eyes. His ears were floppy and his cheeks were described as squishy like jelly. In general,he was a little on the short side and skinny as a rake due to the lack of food in the house most of the time.

When he was finished,his feet felt numb with the coldness of the wooden floor and his hands freezing.After washing his face using the sink and brushing his teeth he headed to the kitchen where his mother was preparing breakfast. She glanced up,as Darren entered. "You're up Darren.Finally." she sighed.

"Do you realise how important today is?" she asked,observing him closely.When Darren shook his head,she sighed."How forgetful you are sometimes.Today is the day where you finally get to go out into the world as an official Pokemon trainer." she explained.

"Oh yeah.Um...right." he muttered,awkwardly.

"You'll need to see Professor Elm at 8:15,no later than that.Now have some bread,Darren,you look like you've ran a marathon." she said,handing him a piece of crumbly bread."No butter today unfortunately.Daisy hasn't been making milk lately..." she commented worriedly.

Daisy was the family's Miltank. They depended on her for most of their dairy foods,cheese,milk,butter,yoghurt so they could save the meagre amount of money they owned.Recently she had been showing signs of illness and when the locals said it was just a minor flu,Daisy was forced to rest.

Darren ate his toast hastily,excitement rushing up in him.Today the day that marked he would become a trainer! He imagined himself as one of the most recognised and best trainers that ever existed.His mother settled down at the table holding a lended copy of New Bark Treehouse,the local paper.

"Huh." she made a strange noise as she scanned through the paper."Listen Darren,this might interest you.Apparently there's been a huge rumour,some mysterious Pokemon will rise near Azalea Town.I think it's rubbish...all these prophecies and what not. But while you're at Azalea,can you have a look and tell me if this..." she made a disgusted noise."Is true?" she requested.

"Of course." Darren said,his knees shaking and trembling at the thoughts of a powerful Pokemon.

"Good.Now you better be on your way to Professor Elm's haven't you?" she said,patting him on his back.

Chapter 2 will be coming next week :D,so stay tuned for that.


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