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Pokemon Clubs Rules Empty Pokemon Clubs Rules

Post  Olli on Sun Oct 28, 2012 5:00 pm

Pokemon Clubs Rules

Welcome to Pokemon Clubs. Like as on most other sites, the clubs sections are pretty laid back forums, and with that don't have that many rules, however, it's still expected that you follow whatever rules it does have, otherwise it will be dealt with accordingly.

  • All Global Rules apply! It goes without saying; the rules apply to everywhere on the forum, also the clubs.

  • Only clubs based on Pokemon. This is also self-explanatory. The Pokemon Clubs forum is for Pokemon based clubs; any other club belongs in Other Clubs.

  • Follow the clubs' individual rules. All sections have their own individual rules, and so too does clubs. All these must be followed, even if they're just stating the same as the forum rules.

  • Do not join clubs based on things you don't like! The clubs are usually going to be fan clubs, meaning they are made for fans to talk about it together. Do not join a club if your sole intent is to be negative.

  • Only three clubs per member. This is to make sure owners keep their clubs updated, as to avoid having as few inactive clubs as possible, just because a member ignores one club to take care of all their other clubs. You are free to get your club closed to make a new one, just not more than 3 at a time.

If you have any questions or concerns about either the rules or the section, as well as if you have any rules you think should be added, feel free to send me a PM about it.

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