Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

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Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  Hikari10 on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:27 am

We all know joining a new forum can be intimidating, but we like to think that our memberbase is very fun and welcoming. The same can be said for our friendly staff team, and here you can get to know them! Everybody knows it's less scary when you find out you share something in common with another member. Plus, it's always nice to get to know more about the people who run the place.

I'll start and then let each staff member introduce themselves!

Well, let's start with me.

Hi I'm Hikari10, or you can call me by my real name Nichole if you like (but I usually prefer to be known by my nickname Hikari). I'm one of the friendly Administrators of the forum.

I'm 20 years old, making me the oldest staff member on the team. I come from Sydney, all the way down in beautiful Australia and I currently work 3 days a week in a packaging factory.

I love memes, anything funny, cute things, anime, manga, My Little Pony and of course Pokemon. My first experience with Pokemon came in 1999 when I first watched the anime and since then I got hooked. I've been playing the Pokemon games starting with Generation 3 and my faves are Black & White. Also, I love lots of Pokemon and characters, especially Oshawott. <3

If you ever have any questions or concerns regarding the forum in general or just to say hi, feel free to drop me a message. I also reply pretty quickly since I'm online a lot. Have a fun time here and I'll se ya!

- Hikari10, Administrator

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  MidnightShine on Fri Oct 26, 2012 9:40 am

Now's my turn~

Herro, I'm MidnightShine, founder of PokeStar Studios. I'm one of those friendly ones too FYI. Feel free to call me Mid or either Middy~

I'm 12 & a Pokemaniac (obviously). I live in the wonderful country of Malaysia if you really wanna know. I'm still a student that goes to school every day, boring......~

I just adore tortoises & turtles as well as Hikari10's funny personality. I warm to to anyone pretty well so don't be shy, drop by my page & leave a VM (if you don't know how, just PM me). Friend requests? No prob, send me one anytime~!

I hope PokeStar will continue to grow & develop & huv fun, ya all~

~MidnightShine, administrator


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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  Altaria on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:44 am

Hey there! I'm Altaria or Sophie if you prefer. I'm pretty young to tell you the truth my 11th birthday is coming up in November.But don't let my age stop you :3,I'm funny and an easy person to talk to. My main interests include writing creative stories (honestly non-fiction makes me yawn :I) and doing drawings of interesting made-up creatures.

I'm from Sydney like Hikari and some of my favourite foods and desserts include-Ice-cream,jelly,sausages and things with tomato sauce on it xD.My favourite Pokemon?Altaria,Arcanine,Furret (ah so adorable Very Happy) the list goes on!

My favourite generation is the 4th,I can chat about it all day really due to the fact it was one of my first generations to play.I like squirrels and phoneixs for different reasons and that's me really :3.Nice meeting all of you,feel free to contact me for a chat or help,yes :3?

-Altaria,the 4th Gen Forum Mod :3.

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  tajaros on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:50 am

Hello there everyone!

The name's tajaros (It's my real name! FYI). I'm a user friendly user to those who are friendly of course. Razz

I'm lean 13, Addicted to Pokemon since I was a kid and a mod here on PokeStar Studios. I'm a student from the Philippines and go to the boring school in weekdays... xD

My Favorite Pokemon is Zoroark and my Favorite Anime is SAO. And I love Rom Hacking (That's why I'm the mod here. xD). If you need help in Rom Hacking don't hesitate to shoot me a VM. Smile And I'm also a member of different Forums. And the founder of PokeStar's very first affiliate PokemonShinyStar or PSS.

If anyone want's to chat just shoot me up a VM. Very Happy


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Hey everyone!

Post  Zupplu on Fri Oct 26, 2012 1:09 pm

Hey! Well as you can see, i'm Zupplu and i'm the mod of 5th Generation Pokemon!

Well, where to start. I'm 12 and am from Melbourne Australia. Just because I'm young doesn't mean i'm immature! I started at the age of 5 with Emerald, one of my favourite games to date! In the week I go to boring old school, and do quite well. I'm getting into competitive battling, competing in OU. I am mostly active in the Smogon room, under the name, well Zupplu! I don't really have a favourite Pokemon, but I mostly like the cool looking ones, such as Scizor and Arcanine.

Anyway, I don't bite so feel free to PM/VM with any questions you have, or if you just wanna chat. Most of all though, have fun and enjoy your time here!

Regards~Zupplu Smile

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  Olli on Sun Oct 28, 2012 4:33 pm

'sup peeps.

I'm Olli, otherwise going by Olli97 or some generic Pokemon username on other forums. I'm a huge fan of Pokemon, and has been so throughout pretty much all my life. I live in a small town in a small country called Denmark, and my hobbies include playing guitar, going to forums, or doing parkour, a very big passion of mine.

My favourite Pokemon ever since my early days was Pidgey, being the first Pokemon I ever caught and fully raised apart from my starter, and will probably continue to be so throughout the rest of my life. Some of my other favourites are Mudkip, Chimchar, Lugia, and so on. However, despite that, I haven't owned any Pokemon games myself in over 3 years, so all my knowledge on anything in the franchise either comes through what I've read, or what I can remember from when I did own the games, however I'm starting to get into it again with BW2. I'm also a regular watcher of the anime, so I do get some of my knowledge on the franchise from there aswell.

Apart from Pokemon, I also like game franchises such as Zelda and Mario, being the nintendork I am, where, to be honest, Zelda kinda tops Pokemon by a little.

But yeah, if you have any questions on clubs, whether it's what to base it on, or how to organize it so it looks just a little decent, feel free to contact me. I'm also on both PC and TPD as already mentioned, so feel free to shoot me a VM there too ^^

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  Petal Master on Wed Oct 31, 2012 11:44 am

Hey guys!

My name is Paulo (since Hikari disclosed it lol) or more commonly known as Petal Master or gunnerpow7 in forums like PC and EGC.

I'm a Filipino and loves Pokemon. My favorite Pokemon is obviously Bellossom. Lilligant comes a close second though... I play Pokemon games like Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Fire Red, Leaf Green, and Crystal in an emulator since I don't have a GBA. I was tasked to mod the Color, Metal and Advanced Generation Games since I do have a vast knowledge in these games. I also play games like Medabots, Fire Emblem, Advance Wars, Harvest Moon and Megaman Battle Network 3-6 in the same emulator. I'm just waiting for a DS so I could play more Pokemon... haha...

So that's all and if you have any questions about the first 3 generations of the Pokemon games, you can ask me anytime!

~Petal Master, Moderator of Old School Generation Games, Super Moderator

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Petal Master

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

Post  emerald on Tue Nov 13, 2012 5:56 am

Hola! I'm emerald! FYI: I'm one of the nice moderators. I'm the creator of the forum that the little Oshawott is linked to on the top of the page. I like Pokemon ( No, I thought you liked bacon Rolling Eyes )
I am twelve like Mid, so we go sit in EIGHT boring 7th grade classes for EIGHT hours a day. I like Oshawott too. I also LOVE good humor. I also have a treachorous vocabulary. (JK) I also LOVE Taylor Swift. Just look at my avatar. I also hate typing on a Kindle Fire. So if you have any question regarding the forum, just PM me!

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Re: Introducing the PokeStar Studios Staff!

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