The Victory Dancing and Rage Momentss

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The Victory Dancing and Rage Momentss Empty The Victory Dancing and Rage Momentss

Post  Altaria on Fri Oct 26, 2012 10:01 am

Ehehe,I've got to admit I've had pretty much 1000 of those moments and to be honest most of them were raging my head off.Pokemon can give you great joy and then there's the furious ones.So what made you do a huge victory dance or feel really pleased? Beating an irritating champion (glares at Lance >:|) or finding a shiny Pokemon or acheiving one of your Pokemon goals?

Then there's the bad moments which make you feel down and angry-Either losing or getting confused with directions,realising you had to do something before you could do what you were attempting etc. So what are you worst and best moments of the series?

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The Victory Dancing and Rage Momentss Empty Re: The Victory Dancing and Rage Momentss

Post  Gratuity on Sun Oct 28, 2012 3:02 pm

I guess my biggest Victory Dancing moment was when in Gen 3 xD. I was on an emulator and trying to down the first gym with a Beautifly; i needed to get two Absorbs on, and I had to reset until the game finally came up with the right stuffs to destroy the stupid Nosepass. It took about...idk, quite a few tries ^^;. So yeah.

/no life

And then comes the facepalming moments, which involves this Mystery Dungeon thing where I finally killed Rayquaza. And then my Gameboy died. FUUUUUUUU

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