The survival Island

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The survival Island

Post  Fallen Angel on Tue Oct 30, 2012 3:11 pm

Well hello there!
Welcome to my rp ...
Anyway you're on island with a bunch of rare pokemon and some trainers
Few formed groups and headed out to catch the legendaries present here.
One crazy trainer manages to capture Heatran and is completely destroying any trainer and their team...
Now you have to capture some pokemon, stay here for 2 weeks and avoid/defeat this crazy trainer!
Yeah, I stole Moon's idea. But I was interested but he never starts so I started it here...
7 days till Rp starts by Mumbai time ...
personality -
Bio -
Poke - Team -
Their attacks -
Other -
Reason for coming to this Island -
Teaming up with any other trainer (please ask them privately)-
I'll fill mine at the last showing that the rp will start -
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