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Art Gallery rules~

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Art Gallery rules~ Empty Art Gallery rules~

Post  MidnightShine Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:46 pm

Art Gallery Rules
Read 'em, live 'em!
1. All global forum rules apply~

2. Please do not revive any gallery that is a month old~

3. No hentai or any pornographic exploit~

4. Pixel art & such don't belong here. You may discuss about pixel art here~

5. Upon creating a new gallery thread, you must at least have three photography, traditional art or digital art examples. Any gallery with less than three examples will be deleted~

6. Any kind of artwork request shops may be created here. *pixel art too*

7. Criticism must always be positive or either gives the artist constructive criticism. Any sort of spam or inappropriate posts will be deleted~
By giving constructive criticism, you may point out what you find bad or wrong, but please be respectful.
Stick to these rules & you'll be fine, thanks for reading~

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