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Art Shoppe rules~

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Art Shoppe rules~ Empty Art Shoppe rules~

Post  MidnightShine Sat Oct 27, 2012 1:07 pm

Art Shoppe rules
Pixel by pixel.
1. All global forum rules apply~

2. Please do not revive any shop that is two months old~

4. Photography & such don't belong here. You may discuss about photography here~

5. Upon creating a new shop, you must at least have two or three pixel art examples of each service your provide. If your shop has less than the determined examples, you will receive a notice~

6. Criticism must always be positive or either gives the artist constructive criticism. Any sort of spam or inappropriate posts will be deleted. A simple thanks to the artist once your request has been done is also allowed.
By giving constructive criticism, you may point out what you find bad or wrong, but please be respectful.
7. Sprite theft is strictly prohibited. Sprite theft that are caught might end up in a month ban or a permaban.

Stick to these rules & you'll be fine, thanks for reading~

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