Fifth Generation (BW/BW2) Guidelines

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Fifth Generation (BW/BW2) Guidelines Empty Fifth Generation (BW/BW2) Guidelines

Post  Zupplu on Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:53 pm

First off, welcome to the 5th gen section! Make sure you've already read the PokeStar Studios rules, you don't want to be getting into any trouble on accident! Also, please to read these rules before posting or replying to a thread here.

1. No Trolling, Spamming or Harassing.

Spamming is pretty much posting useless, irrelevant short, and sometimes unreadable pieces of text to boost post count. Any post like this will be instantly deleted, we don't want garbage filling up our forum! We do not put up and tolerate any harassing or bullying here, or as a matter of fact any where, because this leads to members feeling uncomfortable and sad, and we don't want that! If you continue bypass this rule, punishments will be given, such as infractions or even bans.

2. Try and use correct grammar, spelling and punctuation.

If you want to be heard and respected, it is strongly recommended and enforced that you use proper punctuation, spelling and grammar. Please follow this, so everyone can understand what you are trying to say.

3. Try make your messages more than 4 words.

When replying to a thread, give your reasons on your opinion. It is very hard to explain why you like/don't like something in less than 4 words, so any post under four words will be deleted.

4. Please ONLY use this forum for topics related to the 5th Gen.

Please don't post or create threads about the other Generations, as it doesn't belong here. This includes Gen 5 hating, because this is irrelevant and will be considered trolling. Threads irrelevant to the 5th Gen will be locked.

5. When creating a thread, check to see if there's another one active.

I know the forum is still in its infancy, but please use the search function to check if there is already another thread active! This helps reduce clutter and keep all ideas in the same place!

6. Don't make threads for simple questions!

Simple questions like "Where do I find the TM Shadow Ball?" do not need their own thread. Please post it in the 5th Generation Help thread, where I and many others will be able to help! Any questions in their own thread will be locked.

7. Please No Mini-Modding
If you see a thread here that doesn't need to be here, whether its because the topic doesn't need its own thread or its in the wrong section, please contact me, Zupplu, the current 5th Generation Mod via VM or PM if you have a problem with it. Mini-modding can get you in trouble so we recommend you don't do it.

Of course, as we grow and just naturally over time, rules will change, so stay tuned for updates and new additions please! Got any problems? Or maybe just a question? PM me about it, i'll do my best to help, and I don't bite! Have a good day and go out and post away!

Regards~Zupplu Smile


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