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Welcome Center Rules & Guidelines Empty Welcome Center Rules & Guidelines

Post  Hikari10 on Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:15 am

Welcome Center Rules & Guidelines

Read these rules before posting a thread or replying in this section.

Posting your introduction thread:

1. It's recommended you tell us about yourself since it helps us to get to know you better, just remember no short generic posts such as "Hey, I'm new!"

2. If you've been an active member for more than three weeks, you are not eligible to create an introduction thread since you're no longer new by that point.

3. If you're not new, but a member returning from absence of at least 30 days you are allowed to make a re-introduction thread. You cannot create a thread if you are returning from a ban.

4. If you have been gone for less than 30 days (or over 30 days but do not wish to create a re-intro thread) feel free to use our BRB/Back Thread to announce your return and/or departure.

5. No creating a new account, this is called sockpuppeting and remember, me and Mid can check your IP address and we check it often.

6. No double posting.

7. Threads must state you are introducing yourself, any thread not related to this (i.e. questions or requests) will be locked.

Welcoming other members:

1. No bumping threads that are three weeks old since the member who posted originally is no longer new by then.

2. No posting short or copy-and-pasted welcome messages when greeting or they will be deleted. Make all your introduction posts unique!

3. You can reply in a thread but don't start long-running conversations. Take that to VMs and/or PMs instead!

Have fun, and welcome to Pokestar Studios!

- Hikari10

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