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What's your favorite Pokemon?

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What's your favorite Pokemon? Empty What's your favorite Pokemon?

Post  Hikari10 Fri Oct 26, 2012 11:42 am

In this sticky, you can post what your favorite Pokemon are and why.

You can encompass by type, generation or just tell us your fave Pokemon.

Remember, no listing rule here - give your reasons as to why you like the Pokemon.

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What's your favorite Pokemon? Empty Re: What's your favorite Pokemon?

Post  Altaria Fri Oct 26, 2012 12:45 pm

My favourite Pokemon :D? I'd have to go with Arcanine,there was something always special about it to me.Since it was a tiger and lion mixed together into one powerful creature,I always found its design amazing and for a pure fire-type a great attacker. It could learn a huge variety of moves and TMs along with the fact,its saved me from countless battles.

Then there's Altaria :3.The cuteness factor came in here.A fluffy bird with a small smile and cloud wings? Aww....that always caught my attention.It had a nice combo for typing-Dragon/Flying and some nostalgia came from this Pokemon.It was my first flying type ever and my favourite.

Last up Furret! I think the adorableness of this guy kicked in as well,along with how awesome it was for a normal type.It's cute innocent face,always made me coo and I loved how it's pre-evolution was mentioned to scan a lot for things like me xD. It could learn wicked moves like Thunderbolt and Ice Beam.Most people think it's not meant for fights,but I've always loved Furret n_n.

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