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Other Games & Trivia Rules

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Other Games & Trivia Rules Empty Other Games & Trivia Rules

Post  Hikari10 Sun Oct 28, 2012 7:11 am

Other Games & Trivia Rules

1. Global forum rules still apply

We all love having fun cos that's what OG&T is all about, but we still have rules in place to stop us getting too crazy. The main forum rules can be found here. Although this is the games/trivia section there are a few guidelines we still have to follow. There is an exception here, which is the "No spamming" rule cos this is a more of a section for fun and not very discussion-based.

2. Follow rules of individual threads

In every opening post of threads here, there should be a few rules by the game's creator telling you how to play that game and such. Make sure to follow the rules outlined in the thread, as well as the general OG&T rules.

3. No harassing or trolling

Now remember, OG&T is a section for fun and not flaming. It's okay to argue a bit, but don't make it feel disrespectful to other members. If you are caught being disrespectful to members, penalties such as infractions and bans can be given based on the severity.

4. Check for duplicate threads

Remember the 30 day revival rule applies here too, so if a thread has passed 30 days of inactivity it is considered dead so don't post in it. Instead make a new thread. Also, remember to use the search feature to make sure if the game already exists before making a new thread.

Remember, like all individual section rules, these rules are subject to change so keep updated!

- Hikari10, Other Games & Trivia Moderator

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